We would like to thank Rosie Holgate for the artwork she did for the charity to send out to those we have been supporting.

A total number of 1800 personally written messages were sent out on card with this image to those struggling with loneliness and struggling during the pandemic.
They were set along with care packages to brighten up those that were feeling abandoned and isolated during shielding.


He has been shielding since March and is fundraising for the charity. He has a Facebook page with. Link to donate

The charity put him forward to the bbc as a hero during this fundraising whilst shielding by doing 90 laps a day of his lounge until he has completed 20k. This needs to read. He appeared with his mum on BBC radio Kent and was awarded a local hero award nominated by us.

Owen is currently using the free Physiotherapy offered through Freedom. He is working with Declan at Response Physiotherapy whom has built a great rapport with him.


Last financial year 19 was a huge year for us at Freedom for Wheels we fundraiser through corporate sponsorship, London Marathon places, Prudential Ride London, Serpentine Swim, The Superhero Events and charity events nearly £100,000. This was an unprecedented amount and was after 5 years of hard work building contacts and working hard to secure places with the London Marathon

We have stuck with our ethos and continued to use every penny to support disabled individuals achieve new heights. We used the money to go to use to purchase specialist wheelchairs for individuals, we funded specialist Physiotherapy for Individuals to continue their stroke rehabilitation and we funded pioneering surgery for a young lady. All these were successful with recovery improvements way beyond where these individuals were told they would be and Ellen able to walk and travel abroad independently for the first time after spending years using a wheelchair.

We can’t offer the support we do without the generosity of donations and many of these wish to remain anonymous but we thank each and everyone of them.

Our fundraising for 2020 was all planned and we were ready to have another successful year. Then we were all hit with the covid pandemic. We had funds available to continue to help but these began to diminish quickly. We are now applying for grants and hopefully will be successful in securing this to continue our work.

What Your Donation Can Do

Money is always our limiting factor, but it is just one way you can help us. Time, skills and expertise are also much needed as we continue to receive more applications than ever before. We've broken down the different forms of donations you can offer us to show you what can be achieved by each.

One-Off Gift

Please do not underestimate the impact a once-only monetary gift can mean to us. Every pound given is applied to providing equipment such as wheelchairs or powerchairs, or to skills including Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and other clinical specialists. Every single donation also speaks volumes to us about the individuals who have taken their time to lend their support. We are encouraged to know we have your backing and commit to being good stewards with your donations.


Regular giving, by direct debit or standing order, is the most common form of giving we have. A regular and predictable income allows us to plan ahead and enhances our confidence in working with the most disadvantaged and more complex recipients who may require ongoing support. This is particularly true of those who receive professional help through Physiotherapists or Occupational Therapists and ensures a non-interrupted care pathway.

Regular giving also ensures we can set aside a small percentage to enable us to complete our four big fundraising events each year. For more information about these fundraising events and how you could get involved, please visit our homepage or our Facebook page.


A large proportion of our board members offer us their skills at either no cost, or a vastly reduced cost, to enable us to provide professional support. Without this form of giving we would not be in the position we are today. If you have skills you think could be beneficial for us we'd love to hear from you. Particular areas we're seeking experience in include administration, fundraising, social media and website management.

You would only be expected to give as much as you'd like to give, which may be as little as attending one of our fundraisers per year up to a full time position on the board of trustees where you'll be playing an active role in managing cases and providing the frontline help.

For more information about applying to give your skills please contact Lu on with a short paragraph about yourself and what you'd like to offer.


Similar to skills we often simply require people who are willing to help. You don't need to have any experience with working with charities, raising money or supporting those most in need... just a willingness to learn and some spare time you'd like to use for something life changing. Our volunteers work with us for various reasons including the rewarding nature of helping people, the community aspect of working for a common goal and, because some of our fundraising events include physical acitivities, the added exercise gained by joining us for our fundraisers!