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Complications following surgery in 2014 left charity founder Luisa Pearce unable to walk unaided. With the rules of mobility rewritten overnight it proved to be difficult to find appropriate support for the various products and services she was entitled to and required. ​But this isn't about Luisa - this is about everyone who is currently unable to fund the equipment they require, who don't know where to turn for support, and for those whose quality of life is less than it could be; Welcome to Freedom For Wheels.

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Mission Statement

"Freedom For Wheels are a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life who are joined together with one goal: to help disabled individuals within Kent receive the equipment and support required to enable them to have a high quality of life"
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Fulfilling our aims


The Charity operates solely on money donated to us by individuals, family and friends of those we support, corporate giving and through our fundraising activities.

We are forever in a debt of gratitude to everyone who has given something - money, time, skills or expertise.

We complete four high profile fundraising projects a year and numerous smaller activities. Click below to see how you can get involved.

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Providing a life line to the forgotten

Please apply for free physio and remote physio or sports therapy whilst funds last.

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